Wax Seal Guide

Updated: May 4

Wax seals are a popular upgrade to add to your wedding invitation suite. However, there are a few things you need to know before you send out your invitations.

First, there are two different types of wax seals. Melting wax, which you melt wax sticks and stamp with a wax seal stamp. The other type is ready-made wax seals with an adhesive back. We will be talking about the ready-made wax seals since that is what I provide to my clients.

When you order wax seals from me, they come with a professional grade sticky back. This makes it very easy to assemble, and are extremely sturdy and reliable when going through the mail.


What Are Ready-Made Wax Seals?

Individually pressed into signature sealing wax and finished with an adhesive backing, the ready-made wax seals are the best way to add wax seals to your invitation suite!

  • Self adhesive seals are made with signature sealing wax - not plastic!

  • Wax seals are made one-at-a-time and finished by hand with your choice of style and design.

  • You can choose what style of wax seals we create so your seals have the perfect look.

  • Not all self adhesive/ready-made seals are created equal.


The most common choice is ‘Organic Edge’

1. M O D E R N E D G E

The Modern Edge Wax Seals are created with a clean and consistent wax seal edge (or “bleed”) for a uniform look from seal to seal.

2. O R G A N I C E D G E

The Organic Edge Wax Seals are created with a slightly irregular wax seal edge (or “bleed”) for an organic look from seal to seal.

3. A R T I S A N E D G E

The Artisan Edge Wax Seals are created with a rustic and varied wax seal edge (or “bleed”) for a that completely unique, “hand-poured” look from seal to seal.


I offer 45 different colors for ready-made wax seals. This gives us the chance to pick the perfect color and shade to pair with your suite. Inquire with me to see all the options!


When using a wax seal on your envelopes, you will need to take the proper persuasions in order for them to be sent successfully through the mail.

  • Extra postage needs to be added. Currently, in 2021 you will need a $0.75 worth of postage to mail an invitation with a wax seal. $0.55 for the weight of the envelope and an extra oz stamp of $0.20. If your envelope weighs more than 1oz you will need $0.95 worth of postage to mail an envelope with a wax seal.

  • You may want to hand cancel your invitations. *See below for details

  • Placing a wax seal on the outer of an envelope is generally safe for mailing. There is a slight chance for damage to be caused by modern sorting machines however, this will affect less than 1/100 envelopes sent.

  • If you want your seals to be guaranteed to arrive 100% intact, I recommend placing your envelope in a larger envelope to add protection.

Do Wax Seals Break In The Mail?

My wax seals made from modern sealing wax which will not break in the mail.

Will Wax Seals Melt In The Mail?

Very rarely will wax seals melt in the mail. However, it can happen. Unless you are cooking eggs on the pavement your wax seals will not melt in the mail.


Hand Cancel When mailing

Hand-canceling is a brilliant way of protecting your seals in the mail and preventing any tearing due to modern mail sorting machines. Hand sorting your letters/stationery is a great service offered by most Post Offices (I recommend calling ahead to make sure) and is an excellent way to ensure your seals stay intact upon delivery. *Photo from lcipaper.com

Use An Outer Envelope

Using an outer envelope is a perfect solution if you’re working with delicate details such as ribbon, string, and twine with your wax seals! I highly recommend using an outer envelope to protect your seals if you would prefer to not hand-cancel your invitations.*Outer envelopes are an additional cost.

I N T E R E S T E D I N W A X S E A L S ?

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Inquire for custom wax seals here!