10 Haunted Wedding Venues Across America

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Thinking about have a spooky wedding? Experience the eerie phenomena yourself when you book your wedding at one of these haunted venues.

01. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

Picture of The Stanley Hotel


Made famous for inspiring Stephen King's The Shining, its real-life paranormal activity will meet every expectation you have for your haunted wedding day. Ask for room 217, where Stephen King stayed, to witness infamous visions like suitcases unpacking themselves and ghostly children. Strange things have been happening here since 1911. Many people say the ghosts who haunt the place are original owners F.O. and Flora Stanley. Your wedding guests might hear Flora playing her piano in the dead of night.

02. The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California


The queen Mary has had unforgettable weddings for 70 years. Don't let its lush appearance fool you; it happens to be one of the most haunted hotels in America. There have been at least 49 reported deaths on board. And plenty of those spirits still lurk the ship, including two crewmen who were crushed to death in the engine room. You might also see women in 1930's-style bathing suits around the first class swimming pool, or hear the giggling of a little girl named Jackie around the second-class pool where she drowned. Other appearances, like that of a tall dark haired man in a suit or a lady in white, along with odd occurrences like doors slamming, high-pitched squeals, and drastic temperature changes will leave you with a fright.

03. The Don CeSar Hotel, St. Pete Beach, Florida


The beachfront hotel, built in the 1920s, is a picturesque spot for a happy wedding day. But should you think it's all flamingo-colored exteriors and palm trees, think again. The stunning hotel also comes with a heartbreaking love story. Rumor has it that Thomas Rowe built the hotel for his love, whose parents did not approve of their marriage. The couple never saw each other again after a forced separation—at least, not until the afterlife. Look out for the pair walking hand-in-hand around the hotel gardens as you say "I do."

04. The Brennan House, Louisville, Kentucky


The Victorian Brennan House is the perfect wedding location for a history-loving couple. This three-story mansion comes with its own spirited past: The entire Brennan family, who originally owned the house in 1868, may still haunt the grounds. Visitors have reported hearing mysterious piano and violin music echoing through the halls, which many have attributed to the daughters of the household. Others smell Mr. Brennan's cigar smoke without seeing a source. And be sure to take pictures in front of the house—many visitors capture an unexplained large orb in their photos, which paranormal experts believe to be Mr. Brennan's ghost.

05. Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana


The hotel and ballroom first opened in 1827. But that ballroom wasn't always so magical. In the late 1800s the hotel was converted into a school, medical ward, convent, and orphanage—right around the time that yellow fever struck the city, taking many lives. Many guests report seeing nuns and children walking the halls, but the most oft sighted is a young girl rolling and chasing her ball on the sixth floor. A confederate soldier haunts floors six and three, but at your wedding pay special attention to your guests. You may just spot the ghost dancer in the Orleans ballroom twirling underneath the crystal chandelier.

06. Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii


This beautiful paradise on Waikiki Beach might be haunted by a godly presence. A mysterious young woman in red has been spotted roaming the hallways of the hotel and its beaches. One eerie theory says she is the ghost of a woman murdered at the hotel, but more spiritual seers have claimed she is the human form of the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele. Legend has it that one employee saw her vanish in front of his eyes after spotting her in the hallway in 1959. If you find the goddess on the beach, expect to see her accompanied by dancers. But keep an eye out for in-suite visits, the lady in red is also known to stop and knock on your door.

07. Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, Massachusetts


The hotel opened in 1925 and the Grand Ballroom offers beautiful views of the city's historic Common that couples will love for a fall wedding. It also offers bewitching extras, like the mysterious smell of apples that often drifts through the hotel. That might be thanks to Bridget Bishop, who owned an apple orchard where the hotel now stands and was the first person executed in the Salem witch trials. Named one of Travelocity's Top 10 Haunted Hotels, it's no surprise the hotel has had reports of other paranormal activity like hands touching guests in room 325, a phantom child who won't stop crying, and a woman seen roaming the halls.

08. Boulder Hot Springs, Boulder, Montana


Springtime at Boulder Hot Springs is the perfect time to book your wedding. The grounds are filled with wildflowers. It's said that a "lady of the night" was murdered in the inn's office and visitors still find themselves catching whiffs of unexplained perfume—even after the historic hotel has gone through renovations. Named Simone, the lady has been spotted in a white dress peering out from a third-story window. Guests have also reported footsteps in empty hallways and the voices of men arguing in empty rooms.

09. Fort Reno, El Reno, Oklahoma


If you walk into the beautiful white chapel on Fort Reno to say your vows, think about the history of this magnificent place. Built in 1874, the fort was a remount depot and prisoner of war camp during World War II. And since then, visitors have experienced a whole lot of paranormal activity, from faucets turning on by themselves to orbs showing up in photographs. Keep an eye out as you take bridal portraits around the area, too. No spirits have been named here in El Reno, but many have spotted ghostly faces watching them from the building's windows.

10. Hotel Galvez, Galveston, Texas


You and your partner can enjoy luxury accommodations and a beachside wedding at this historic resort which is the oldest hotel on Galveston Island. But give any guest who books room 501 fair warning: People who have stayed the night report an overwhelming scent of gardenias followed by an eerie presence. Many think this is the ghost of a 25-year-old bride who was staying in room 501 waiting for her beloved, a mariner at sea. The young woman hanged herself in the west turret after mistakenly believing her fiancé had died at sea. Staff members have also reported the presence of a young girl bouncing a ball in the lower levels of the hotel, a man in the corner of the hotel's laundry room, candles blowing out on their own, and children's laughter in the empty salon ballroom. The hotel has been included on Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab and the Travel Channel's Ghost Stories.



Since I’m local to Western New York I also wanted to share a few right here in my hometown!

01. Hotel Henry


Recently renovated, Hotel Henry presents striking event space for weddings, receptions, showers and rehearsal dinners in the heart of Buffalo’s cultural corridor. According to urban legend, the Henry Hobson Richardson twin tower complex is a haunted hot spot and reported to be the site of ghostly white ladies and other apparitions. Many generations have told stories about weird things happening in the towers. The complex is on a War of 1812 battlefield where soldiers were killed or injured. It is part of Frederick Law Olmsted’s park design, which is viewed as a paranormal playground. And lastly, the building was once an asylum.

02. The Rapids Theatre


The Rapids Theatre is one of the most unique, extravagant, and versatile venues that Western New York has to offer. Originally constructed under the name of The Bellevue Theatre in 1921. Today, this beautiful piece of architecture has been restored to all its original beauty. The Rapids Theatre is said to have loud footsteps, mysterious whistling, unexplained sounds of keys jingling, doors closing and objects moving unexplainably.

03. Statler City


Statler City is located in downtown Buffalo, and currently under renovations. Built in 1921, it hosted first-class stars such as Al Capone, Richard Nixon, and even Dean Martin. It closed in the 1980s and was left abandoned for fifteen years. It wasn’t until renovations began that the spooky activity began to be noticed. Paranormal claims vary from ghostly voices, full-bodied apparitions, and people being touched by unseen hands. Once they reopen I wonder if the hauntings will still continue!

04. Roycroft Inn


Enjoy your special day surrounded by history here at the Roycroft Inn. But beware, of footsteps, voices and apparitions! Some people believe that it is haunted by Elbert Hubbard who founded the Roycroft campus and building in an effort to encourage and promote local artistry. Elbert died on the Lusitania when it was sunk by the Germans in 1915. Some believe he is still there keeping an eye on Roycroft.