Daniel & Marty Party

A beautiful wedding celebration at Hotel Henry!

Here I am after delivering this HUGE piece to Hotel Henry. It measured 6' x 4'!!! This is the biggest sign I'v done to date.

The way this worked, is each table was assigned a different drag queen from RuPaul's Drag race. This table map I created, illustrated the layout of the room. Each guest also had an escort card, which paired up to one of the tables. So when you picked up your escort card, you will know which table you were assigned and can look at the table map to guide you in a general direction.

Escort cards that guests picked up before entering the reception.

The menus were a unique element that corresponded with each table. Each menu was letterpress printed on metallic gold cardstock. On the back of the menu there were a variety of drag queens! This was duplexed to the letterpress piece. THEN gold edge tinting was added (sounds tricky - and it indeed was! - but thankfully I work with an awesome team at The Pickle Ship that made it happen)

Overall, all the elements came together so well. The table map was an excellent show stopper and the escort cards & menus made everything tie together.

Big thank you to Signtech of WNY, Inc., The Pickle Ship, and of course The Refined Host. And I would like to mention, the illustrations were done by Chad Sell which Daniel & Marty got permission to use before the project started.